Friday, January 14, 2011

Thoughts of a mum to boys

Looking at my not so little anymore nearly 3 year old boy sleeping I realise I'm in both awe & fear of being a mum to another possibly rough & tough farm boy very, VERY soon.

I'm left wondering...
Will they be similar in looks or completely different?
Both rough & tough or complete opposites?
Will they both share that stereotypical Australian Coastal farm boy nature that Blake already seems to possess?
Will they fight or be the best of friends?
Is this something I should fear or embrace because it's what I know?

I still remember the day I found out I was going to be a mum to two boys.
I went in having what I thought was no gender preference, despite having the incorrect intuition that I was actually carrying a girl, yet lay there exhaling the biggest sigh of relief when the Ultrasound technician told us "there's no mistaking THAT. Definitely a boy"
There was a huge sense of calm & relief from Brett & I.. We know what to do with boys. When it comes to girls? TOTALLY clueless. Some people are "boy parents". We are those people... I'm a boy mummy, he's a boy daddy.

When told we'll have to try for a girl in another 2 years I was silently horrified. At 2 I am most definitely done & will not be trying for another child just so that I can hopefully nab that chance of having a girl. I'm more than ecstatic with the thought of my 2 boys growing up together in our perfect to us family of 4.

Looking forward to years of motorbikes, mud play, bomb fix 'em up cars at various stages of completion & big farm boy style appetites.